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Jennifer Allen's Talk at the UCL Evidence Based Practice Unit (EBPU)

SHINE lab director, Jennifer Allen, recently gave a talk at the Evidence Based Practice Unit at UCL on the novel research being conducted at SHINE. In this talk, Dr. Allen presented research on academic outcomes, teacher rewards and limit-setting, and the teacher-student relationship in adolescents with CU traits.

Research on callous-unemotional traits in educational contexts has only recently begun to gain traction, with only a handful of studies to date examining the teacher-child relationship in CU samples. Evidence suggests that the teacher-child relationship plays an important role in student behaviour, motivation, and academic performance, and may be particularly significant for students with problematic relationships with parents and peers. Our research examines teachers' use of rewards and disciplines with CU children, as well as the quality of the teacher-child relationship and educational attainment of children with high levels of CU traits.

Find out more about our research on mental health in schools here.

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