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Father and Children
Parenting and Child Mental Health
Conduct Problems, Temperament, and Responsiveness to Rewards and Punishment in Young Children

Principal investigator: Celine Chhoa

Supervisor(s): Jennifer Allen, Jorg Huijding (Utrecht)


This project investigates the relationship between child conduct problems, temperament, and sensitivity to parental rewards and discipline. Current best practice intervention programmes for childhood conduct problems primarily rely on social learning theory-based strategies of parental discipline and reward (e.g., time-out and praise) to reduce disruptive behaviour. However, the knowledge base as to how children with a fearless temperament respond to these different strategies is quite limited.


This project uses a multi-method approach to assessing child responses to different forms of reward and limit-setting, including questionnaires, experimental methods and family observation, in a bid to answer the question: what works best for whom?

We are currently recruiting families

with children aged 3 to 8 years for this study.

Families who participate will receive a £10 shopping voucher and will also be given the opportunity to attend a free parenting information session.


Please contact Celine using the form below, by phone 07939 028 986, or email if you have any questions about the study or are interested in participating.

Thanks! Message sent.

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