On this page you can find resources for teachers on child anxiety and behaviour. We also have resources for parents here.

Child Development 


Child Encyclopedia

Child Encyclopedia has brief, easy-to-follow articles written by experts on a range of topics relevant to child development. Fabulous resource, make sure you check it out: http://www.child-encyclopedia.com

Incredible Teachers: Nurturing Children’s Social, Emotional, and Academic Competence

Here you’ll find materials to download and informative articles for teachers written by Carolyn Webster-Stratton, the developer of the Incredible Years programs. Please see the Supplementals page for more materials that teachers will find useful in the classroom. See: http://incredibleyears.com/parents-teachers/for-teachers


Books for Teachers


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Webster-Stratton, C. (2008). How to Promote Children’s Social and Emotional Competence. London: Sage.

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