About Us

Dr Jennifer Allen, Director of the SHINE research lab, is a Reader and Clinical Psychologist specialising in child and adolescent mental health.


The SHINE research lab is dedicated to understanding the role of ecological processes in shaping risk pathways to child psychopathology, and the translation of models of risk and resilience into school and family-based interventions.

We believe that a better understanding of the interplay between child temperament and the environment in the development of child psychopathology is crucial for the development of high quality interventions aimed at improving child mental health. Our work is also designed to inform practitioners how to best support adults who children most rely on for their social and emotional well-being: their parents and teachers.

Research at SHINE falls broadly into two main streams:


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Research Themes

Our director, Jennifer Allen, is available to supervise the following themes:

  • Parenting in relation to either child anxiety or callous-unemotional (CU) traits and antisocial behaviour

  • Child anxiety or CU traits and antisocial behaviour in the school context (e.g., teacher-child or peer interaction)

  • Child anxiety or CU traits and antisocial behaviour and stress generation

  • The role of positive emotions in CU traits and antisocial behaviour

  • Teacher or parent-focused intervention for child anxiety or CU traits and antisocial behaviour.

  • Cross-cultural comparisons of CU traits.

More Information

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